Good wishes to Alison Schwabe

Alison Schwabe

Dear Alison:

Our best wishes for a year of creativity and fun!

Alison had surgery last December, but she’s feeling inspired again.

Her SAQA quilt shown below—a contribution to the SAQA auction—usually marks the inspirational basis for Alison’s creative Series, and this year’s little piece is no exception: she already feels it fits in with the Timetracks series, which you can see by visiting her gallery at

SAQA 2011 Auction piece

Alison is an Australian artist with extensive professional experience as a textile creator and teacher. She presently lives and works in Uruguay.

Her blog offers fascinating descriptions of her artistic process in developing each piece, or each series of pieces. For example, in her recent work, “Beachwork” she describes the mental process required to initiate work with purchased material she had previously deemed unsuitable.

"Beachwork", by Alison Schwabe. 2010

Unlike artists who prefer to work secretly until their work is ready for showing and viewing, Alison shares her mental and creative state with her public, thus allowing a better understanding of her creation.

"Circulation", by Alison Schwabe. 2011

To see more of Alison’s work, visit


1 thought on “Good wishes to Alison Schwabe

  1. Well I would like to correct an impression from Silvia’s comments – I don’t normally blog the progress of a work, because I actually don’t think anyone’s too interested in progress report of everything I do. But the other point is that I do submit works for juried events and since I may not even know at the time of making what I’m going to submit where, I usually don’t picture a work until it has appeared somewhere particularly with a catalogue, but after that It may find it way onto my blog but more likely my website gallery. However, I do write about things that I have seen or experienced that strike me as interesting and so that is likely to have some influence some time.

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