WTA Biennial: Photos of winning works

The following are photographs of winning works,

Laura Ferrando (Argentina) "Cause Effect Action" - video

which is something—I suspect—we all love to see.

Ana Karen Allende Noriega (Mexico), "I will fight for your dreams"


Anita Larkin (Australia) "Roger I hear you loud and clear”

If you’d like to have the work description for a particular artist’s piece, feel free to request at   sdarep@galeriaoctagono.com

Berta Jakubovic Teglio (Argentina) “Divinos Tiempos”

Most of the exhibits will be open to the public for about one more month.

Emilia Sandoval González (Mexico) “Tomado" ((Drunk))

Emily Jan (United States) “Dürer´s Rihnoceros ("A dream of elsewhere)”

Brigitte Amarger (France), "Weightlessness"

Anita Larkin-"Roger I hear you loud and clear”

Gerda Standaert (Belgium) “Woman from Afghanistan – I need air”

The Biennial is taking place in three different Mexican cities.

More than 300 artists participate in this event every two years.

Helvetia Kela Cremasque (Italy) “Anomos, el soplo vital”

Lilian Madfes (Uruguay) “Rojo y Carbón”

Joyce Rosner (USA): "Kite Study"


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