New Cultural Space In Buenos Aires

Faena Art Center: New Cultural Space In Buenos Aires

…o bicho suspenso na paisagen…

…a beast suspended within the landscape…

(These photos are not up-side down!)

In September, 2011 Faena Arts Center opened its doors within the recycled neighborhood of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The majestic site could only open doors with an equally majestic textile bicho (beast) by the great Brazilean maestro Ernesto Neto, who suspended his crochet-based installation from ceilings and walls, and covered the nets with thousands of plastic balls.

The result is this enormous organic form that seems to float above ground inviting visitors to walk, climb, touch and get lost in its insides.

Gabriela Nirino is swallowed by Neto's bicho

It took 30 assistants to help Neto create and install the beast.

Curated by Jessica Morgan, the exhibit is open to the public through February, 2012 and it’s a “must see, must feel” experience.


—Silvia Piza-Tandlich


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