2nd RE Biennial, Argentina

Gabi working on the ships base.

Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Nirino specializes in Textile Design and Industrial Engineering. She teaches at two major universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina: the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and the Lanús University (UNLA).

Gabi is a very enthusiastic participant in the 2nd “RE” Biennial: “REcycle, REgeneration, REnovation, REcuperation”, which is being held at the Lanús National University Campus in Buenos Aires from April 4 through May 27, 2011.

Gabi and her students have presented a ship for which they used natural dyes and REcycled materials.

The ship is large enough to hold an orchestra.

Next stop on the agenda is the La Rochelle Symposium on Natural Dyes in France, where Gabriela Nirino is an expositor right now.

Here are photos of the entire ship:

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2 thoughts on “2nd RE Biennial, Argentina

  1. Thaks Silvia and Gabi – the details are interesting but I’d love to see an overall shot of the installation, and learn some more about the concept – but perhaps it is not yet complete?

    • Alison, I am come back to the website after some month of to much work. Excuse me I answer so late…I wil try to be more in contact now. This project is just an excuse to work togheter with the students, for the Biennal de Arte Re ( Re is recicled, reused)
      It is like a boat with the ends similar to a violin peg. Inside, an orchestra of children played a concert. They belong to a program to give instruments and teach music in schools in social risk areas.

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