Andrea Fischer creates textiles

Chilean ARTIST AND PROMOTER Andrea Fischer is founder and president of Chile Crea Textil (Chile Creates Textile, or CCT), an emerging association of textile creators whose 40 members produce an amazing body of work.

Andrea Fischer preparing her installation piece.

Andrea is also Vice-President of the IberoAmerican Textile Network, and a very active teacher of fiber and weaving techniques.
Her beautiful installation, Suspended IV, was an invited work at the Palais de Glace National Palace for the Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009 during the 5th WTA Biennial. This work is based on bird nesting research made by the artist, and features 800 fiber eggs suspended from 200 threads, plus 650 threads carrying almost 12000 egg fragments.
Visit Andrea’s web site at

Andrea Fischer photographing her installation.

Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SUSPENDED IV, by Andrea Fischer.

—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation


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