Montserrat Lira is one of the jewelry artists participating in the Reconstruct-us textile jewelry show in Costa Rica last September (see article above).

Montserrat Lira: Cocoon pin

She studied in Venezuela, Chile and the U.S. before dedicating her professional creativity solely to contemporary jewelry and teaching.
Montserrat uses materials such as felt, cocoons, woven nets, thermoplastic fibers, and polymers. Her main interest is the discovery and combination of techniques and materials in order to develop surfaces and textile objects featuring contemporary design with a strong visual and color impact.

Montserrat Lira: Nuno felt shawl

In the area of education, Montserrat has taught dyeing techniques, stamping and felting for over 10 years in various design and fashion schools, and in her own studio.

Montserrat Lira: Necklace

Montserrat Lira: Necklaces

Montserrat Lira: Necklace featuring felt balls

Selected into the CREA National Chile Competition in 2009 and 2010, Montserrat also participated in the Reconstruct-us show featured above. Her contact information is

—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation


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