“…We’re made of the same material, even though the form varies. We fear and desire the same, although each of us arranges it in a different order, same as we mold our sieve alter ego…”

As a contemporary textile creator, Ariane Garnier represents time and culture within the social structures that support and inspire her. Born in Costa Rica and educated as a visual artist, she resorts to a variety of techniques to deliver her message of self-help, growth, and transformation.

Since her first presentation 14 years ago, her discourse has evolved and has led her to develop the concept of joint self-help art, with human homogeneity as center stage. In her talented hands, the term social projection involves making art as well as studying each of the knots that trouble our modern self.

Ariane Garnier: Dress. Sieve, sewing and embellishments.

“We are made of the same material, but we only perceive that resemblance through the sieves of illusion. That’s the reason why we usually consider ourselves as individuals having a unique self, but that perception is made of an assortment of sieves we have set—one against the other—along history until we reach blindness.” 

The above tautological attitude is depicted by Ariane in her metallic threads—“seams and ties exposing our condition clearly.”

Ariane Garnier & Rafael Sáenz: Everyone With All. First prize piece at 4th WTA Biennial of Textile Art&Design, Costa Rica, 2006: "Man+Woman= Creation"

Among achievements is her First Prize at the 4th WTA Biennial in 2206.

Ariane Garnier & Perfect Feather, one of participants at Fuerteventura, Spain project.

She then built her first textile colloquium: Absence/Presence  through a performance/installation in mesh at the 7th Art Encounter in Genalguacil, Spain and, of course, her Women’s Forest project in Costa Rica was most interesting, where low-income peasants as well as higher-income city women designed and wore their own dresses.

Ariane Garnier: Art-Team Building project, Gran Canaria, Spain, 2007.

Ariane’s artistic expression weaves sieves made of several layers of metallic fabric. As “owner of her own Triumphs and Failures,” her social projection is, however, participative art that allows access and growth as a way to transform us.

Ariane Garnier: Women's Forest project participants, Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Together with partner-curator Marcela Valdeavellano, Ariane owns and directs La Zona Entrenarte (The Trainart Zone in English), a gallery/workshop space where they conduct frequent participative exhibitions and self-help artistic events.

I find it interesting that Ariane’s materials are cold and harsh, yet her human makeup is warm and meaningful. “In the end, we’re all the same; and if we’re creative, and if we’re aware, we’ll be able to build together instead of destroying separately…”

Ariane’s contact: 

Ariane Garnier: Air Draft. Sieves and cords, shaped and sewn. 6th WTA Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Mexico, 2011.

—Silvia Piza-Tandlich


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