Beatriz Oggero’s Rhythm, Color, Transparency

La Paz, Bolivia.— The Simón I. Patiño Cultural Center is once again, honored to present an exhibition of works by Uruguayan artist Beatriz Oggero. The show will be open to the public from July 5 to July 28, 2016.







Ritmo, Color  Transparencia triptico 3Cochabamba, Bolivia. — Simón I. Patiño Foundation is presenting a comprehensive exhibit by Uruguay-born artist, Beatriz Oggero until October 26, 2014.  The elegant venue, Portales Palace Exhibition Center in Cochabamba, Bolivia where this event is taking place, currently displays a beautiful garden outdoors, and a garden of colorful and delicate textile works inside. Ritmo, Color  Transparencia 001


Beatriz was director of CETU Textile Center in Uruguay, and has had multiple exhibitions in many countries. She studied weaving with Maestro Ernesto Aroztegui in Montevideo, and later started working in sprang and tricot technique on her own. Says she:

“…For a contemporary textile artist, sometimes it’s difficult to show our work solo due to the time it takes to stage it. Therefore, we end up participating in collective shows. 

Ritmo, Color  Transparencia triptico 4One of my works, ‘Color Transparencies,’ was selected to participate in the 6th WTA Biennial: AIR 2011 in Mexico. Now I changed its name, because since then it has grown width and lengthwise in shadows and colors… —Beatriz Oggero.”

Ritmo, Color  Transparencia


Palacio Portales Exhibition Center in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Palacio Portales Exhibition Center in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Sprang bags for sale – CARTERITAS A LA VENTA

 They measure 6″ X 8″ (15 X 20 cm) and are absolutely adorable.
¡Miden 15 X 20cm y son divinas!
We have seen Beatriz Oggero’s beautiful, monumental sprang pieces (warp weaving)
hanging handsomely in museums and galleries.
Now she claims to make the little bags “during spare time”.

 Ya hemos visto las obras monumentales de Beatriz: piezas hechas en la

técnica sprang,
 las cuales cuelgan en museos y galerías de arte.
 Ahora ella dice hacer estas carteritas “en su tiempo libre”. ¡Dichosa!


Beatriz Oggero, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591 4440 6940
Please see the article below to appreciate one of Beatriz’s works in sprang technique.
—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation

Beatriz Oggero exhibits in Bolivia

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA – An interesting exposition named SAVIA (Spanish for “sap”) opened to the public last November 9 sponsored by the Simon I. Patiño Foundation, and presented at Kiosko Gallery. Curator Raquel Schwarz, with the inspiration of Hagamos el bosque (Make A Forest)—a Dutch organization dedicated to sustainable management of tropical forests (—selected 20 renown contemporary artists from Bolivia to present SAVIA through various artistic mediums.

Beatriz Oggero’s “Relict” is made of 220 modules woven in copper, mercerized cotton, and viscose in hues of green, and draws its inspiration from the Andean forest. It measures 40″ X 75″ by 8″ depth, with the upper part in light tones and the bottom in dark ones the way it is in the woods when seen from the air.

“Relicto” is a word to define remains of life organisms from the tertiary geologic Era —both vegetable and animal, which are scarce in the world: there are deposits in Chile, the Canary Islands, and Australia.

…”My idea when choosing this title, was that if we continue destroying the forest the way we have until now, there will only be these wonderful relicts left which, were we talking about human works, would be known as “relics”. While making the piece I thought that manual weaving in this contemporary world of digital looms, is also a relic of sorts, and that’s why I liked the term: I thought it was both strong and poetic…”

—translation by —Silvia Piza-Tandlich

Beatriz Oggero: "Relict" - detail