ARGENTINA – “Chankay Laces” is the title of Amelia Tarditti and Belen Salino’s show at the Anthropology Museum (National University of Córdoba).
This show makes reference to the famous Chankay Peruvian textiles, and is part of the “Perú Lives In Córdoba” celebration taking place right now.

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Chancay Laces

Museum of Anthropology

 Information and view of Amelia’s work:

“Ideas of democracy: from word to image”

FLACSO ARGENTINA (Latin American Association of Social Sciences) celebrates 30 years of democracy in Argentina, with the exhibit “Ideas of democracy: from word to image.” This art show combines publications in the field of Social Sciences, with original works by virtual artists engaged in political reality.

DECEMBER 7, 2013 – 12:30 pm


Benito Pérez Galdós 384, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dina Resca

Dina Resca, “Gender & Democracy.” Wrapping in various caliber ropes. 110 X 55 cm


Dina Resca, "You were, I was", detail. 123 X 45 cm double-sided. Woven fabric, silked cotton, silk ribbons, hand stamped  photographs on rubber

Dina Resca, “You were, I was”, detail. 123 X 45 cm double-sided. Woven fabric, silked cotton, silk ribbons, hand stamped photographs on rubber

One of the participating artists, DINA RESCA was born in Resistencia, Province of Chaco in northeastern Argentina. Back in the ‘80s she was introduced to loom weaving by Ana María Pratti, an Argentine residing in Italy, who lovingly taught Dina the hidden rules of this millenarian tool. Since then, Dina has been passionate about weaving.
Later on, Silke (a multidisciplinary textile artist,) opened up Dina’s five senses into all directions, and increased her capacity to perceive colors through imagination.
Dina participates with two pieces from her Chrysalis 2013 series.
Skin calls you to existence.
Your senses, your summits, your valleys in dance to your feminine rhythms, reign.
Your body speaks.
Your clay color reminds me of the body that reminds. Women are from the earth, from the shaping of wood, and the ruling of their parcels.
Your body is a piece of this earth.
Chrysalis, princess of feelings, majesty of force and breath; empress of fertile hips, and memories. You are Everything from the same Nothingness. You are Soul.
Dina Resca, "Gender & Democracy." Wrapping in various caliber ropes. 110 X 55 cm

Dina Resca, “Gender & Democracy.” detail

Other textile creators participating in this show are: Clara Luz Glis, Daniela Tavarone, Mirta Zak, Ana Zlatkes, and Roberta Bacic.



Medium-size textile MESSAGES

Córdoba, Argentina. The Argentine Textile Art Center (CIART) announces the inauguration of its 7th Spring Textile Salon: Medium-size Format, which will be held on Thursday, September 19 at 7:00 pm at CIART. After that date, the exhibit will remain open to the public on a Tuesday to Friday 9-1& 3-6 schedule. MESSAGES features the work of 16 textile artists, and awards its First Prize to Marie-Noëlle Fontan from France.


LUIS ACOSTA, paper artist

The following interview is taken from ZoneArts:     

Luis Acosta         Utrecht, The Netherlands. Luis Acosta is from Cordoba, Argentina and now lives in The Netherlands. He was originally trained as a weaver at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Acosta began making paper jewelry in 1996.


Silke, a renown Austrian textile artist living in Argentina,Silke

announces her forthcoming Creative Seminars:

Creativity is and will always be,
one of the wonderful fountains of energy
making life meaningful.
It broadens our possibilities, inviting to
transform our reality.
It helps us become fulfilled, and
links us to the world and to other beings.
It expands our sight in order to find
the invisible within the visible,
and the visible within invisible realms.

May, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Two options to choose from, each with 3 seminars 

Interesting and fun exercises to help discover the
enormous pool of creativity within you.
Certificate of participation included

seminario creativo 2013

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich


CHATEAU CAC show in Argentina

CHATEAU CAC Contemporary Art Centre

Córdoba, Argentina

is pleased to announce the opening of its

“eleven.eleven.eleven” show

Inauguration will be held on November 12 at 8:00pm

Show open to the public as of Friday, November 11, 2011 – 8:00pm

Art Jewelry by

Adriana Gatti, visual artist

Cecilia Richard, contemporary jewelry creator

Luis Acosta, textile jewelry, visual artist (retrospective presentation)

Plus additional activities by textile artist, Luis Acosta: November 16, 7:00pm: Illustrated conference, “From textile to paper jewelry”. November 19, 5:00pm: Seminar, “Design perception (jewelry and accessories)”. November 20, 5:00pm: “Art clinic”

CHATEAU CAC CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE in Córdoba, Argentina is an institution aiming to promote artistic and cultural events within visual arts, audiovisual presentations, as well as design, theatre, music, and poetry, with a strong mixed-media attitude of experimentation and research.

 Such context allows contemporary design to flow through the very diverse and mutating territories of ambiguity or even contradiction, within ephemeral, anti-functional, and  re-defined elements, thus creating some of the most extreme featured performances.

The “risk zone” is the space of greater sensuality where any contemporary artist-creator would want to explore. Here is where we ponder and respond, and where the show summons spectator/user/voyeur to surrender, and here is where these three textile artists will present their designs on 11.11.11.
—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation