LUIS ACOSTA, paper artist

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Luis Acosta         Utrecht, The Netherlands. Luis Acosta is from Cordoba, Argentina and now lives in The Netherlands. He was originally trained as a weaver at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Acosta began making paper jewelry in 1996.

Perceptions in Spain

Luis Acosta is a fiber artist from Argentina living in Holland, whose textile jewelry is being exhibited throughout the world. His next exposition will take place in Salamanca, Spain.

Luis Acosta es artista textil argentino y reside en Holanda. Su joyería textil se exhibe en todo el mundo y esta nueva exposición suya —titulada Percepciones— se lleva a cabo en Salamanca (España) del 3 de febrero al 4 de mayo de 2012.


Jewelry & Mural Objects

February 3 – May 4, 2012 – Arts & Crafts Galería

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—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation

Jewelry with innovative materials and design

Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero is a Costa Rican-born, Italy-educated architect and textile artist with a versatile mind, whose ability for design earned him the BID2010 AWARD for Costa Rica at the 2nd IberoAmerican Design Biennial 2010 in Madrid, Spain in Category, “Fashion, Textiles and Accessories.”

Information, observation and research led him to discover raw materials in unimaginable places: His Saturn collection is made with rescued orthodontic rubber, which he turns into very appealing jewelry.

Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero- Saturn edition

Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero: Necklace. Edition 150 of the Unitá d'Italia.

Saturn gives contemporary jewelry a new dimension: It honors the art of recycling/upcycling by turning discarded material into a design object.  Research on the product allowed Gian Carlo a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the rubber material that he uses.

Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero: Bracelet. Saturno Galileo edition.

He discovered that the product has a particular Antimicrobial Technology With Silver, which prevents the growth of microbes. At the same time, it does not contain latex, it is resistant to wear and tear, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero: brooch. Saturno Stadium collection.

characteristics, in addition to the use of stainless steel, silver, crystal and glass, produce innovative hypoallergenic jewels.

Sandoval-Mazzero- Textilis Contemporaneous edition

Work presented by Gian Carlo Sandoval-Mazzero at the main competition of the REDTEXTILIA Encounter (IberoAmerican Textile Network), September, 2010 at the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center.

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—Silvia Piza-Tandlich, translation