SDA members Silvia Piza-Tandlich (Costa Rica), and Irina Dorofeeva (Russia) have been selected to exhibit in this year’s 11th Art Inter/National competition. These two selections are the only textiles pieces chosen from over 500 proposals from all over the world in all artistic mediums.

Nicole Cappozi, owner and director of BoxHeart Gallery, explains: “The basis for an invitation to participate in The Art Inter/National Exhibition is sensitive to the diversity of work submitted; Box Heart strives to recognize that artists make art for different reasons and from different experiences. Box Heart looks closely for works that convey evidence of personal creative explorations and artistic commitment that directly relate to the purpose of the exhibition. A large part of determining the artist’s commitment to the exhibition’s theme rests solely on their ability to convey this evidence through the artist statement. The execution of the art work – as related to the artist’s intention – is then considered. Over 500 entries, from regional, national, and international artists, were received this year. Of these entries, 20 artists were selected for participation and 25 works of art in a variety of media will be exhibited.

With an ability to see scenes as a collection of lines, shadows, shapes, and contours, artists tend to see the world as it actually is. This form of seeing is the impetus behind all change. And when manifested into art, becomes the foundation for a scientifically informed account of the mind. The artwork selected for this year’s Art Inter/National Exhibition is unified by a wider appreciation for the many dimensions of uncertainty.” 

 Artist Irina Dorofeeva grew up in Russia and later moved to Indiana, USA. Often her silk works focus on nature and are inspired by landscapes, both Russian and American. She is touched by the remembrance of forests, fields, rivers, and small countries in Russia. But she is also inspired by the beautiful lakes, mountains, and shore lines in the U.S.. All these themes interconnect in her work and are the source of her art.

Silvia Piza-Tandlich is SDA Latin America/Caribbean area REP. Her handmade work, “Still In Time” is a point of convergence of past and present materials and techniques depicted in a double-sided Indigenous piece hanging from the ceiling.