Feminist weaves in Brazilian and Argentine contemporary art: Rosana Paulino and Claudia Contreras

I translated a fantastic article, which was first published in a French magazine in Portuguese—the renown Artelogie.


I translated into English and Spanish since I think the entire world should be aware of the torture imposed upon African women slaves in Brazil, modern mistreatment of black women in many places, and in Argentina the feminist art expressions due to dictatorships, torture, and disappearances.


One thing the article doesn’t explain, is the scope of the punishment by having to wear the gag or Flanders tinplate mask:

Black woman wearing torture instrument, Flanders tinplate gag

Black woman wearing torture instrument, Flanders tinplate gag

it had a metal pin that actually went inside the woman’s mouth to press down on her tongue. Some female slaves died from metal poisoning…

—Silvia Piza-Tandlich