Oaxaca, México.  French artist Michel García—one of the world leading experts in sustainable natural dyeing—is giving some workshops at the beautiful Centro de las Artes de San Agustín (formerly a huge textile factory), from March 12 – 20, 2012.

El artista francés Michel García, uno de los grandes expertos en tintes naturales sostenibles, ofrece talleres en CaSa (Centro de las Artes de San Agustín y antigua fábrica textil de Oaxaca), del 12 al 20 de marzo.


 ColorFest: Exploring Primary Colors (cochineal, indigo, yellow)

Explorando colores primarios (cochinilla, índigo y amarillo)

Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia • Ikat Weaving • Paper Making •

Zapotec Field Trips • Local Culture

Talleres en tintes naturales • Ikat • Papel picado • paseos Zapotecas • cultura local

MARCH 12-20, 2012  (suggested arrival/llegada: 3/11, depart/salida: 3/21)

Springtime excursion inspired by the colors of amarras Pre-Columbian textiles

 Paseo de verano inspirado por los colores de amarras precolombinos.

 Explore Oaxaca and the vibrant natural dyes for which the area is famous.

Explore Oaxaca y sus tintes naturales que la hacen famosa.

Natural dye expert and world traveled botanist, Michel Garcia of France, will lead an eye-opening series on the primary colors of the Americas – indigo, cochineal, and yellow. The workshop will explore sustainable processes on animal fibers.

Sessions will be conducted in and out of the classroom, with hands-on technical training plus field visits to an ethnobotanical garden and a cochineal farm.

Our program will connect participants with local master artisans who will instruct us in traditional crafts that sadly are fading, like jaspe rebozo (ikat shawls) from Tenancingo, and papermaking.

Standout Oaxacan attractions included in our activities: the MUSEO TEXTIL de OAXACA (March exhibition will be “Herencia de moros, alforjas, alfombras y almohadas”); JARDIN ETNOBOTANICO de OAXACA; and ZAPOTEC ruins. Other Oaxacan traditions sure to inspire: stitch-resist dye traditions; papel picado (paper cutting), tapestry weaving with natural dyed wool.

We are fortunate to have as our base the beautiful artists facility of el CENTRO DE LAS ARTES DE SAN AGUSTÍN (CaSa) with support from Trine and the founder, artist Francisco Toledo—one of Mexico’s greatest living artists and a Oaxacan native. CaSa is a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Oaxaca.*Our participation helps CaSa offer more affordable instructions to local artisans and organizations. | |


Does not include airfare or hotel

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—Silvia Piza-Tandlich