Beatriz Oggero’s Rhythm, Color, Transparency

La Paz, Bolivia.— The Simón I. Patiño Cultural Center is once again, honored to present an exhibition of works by Uruguayan artist Beatriz Oggero. The show will be open to the public from July 5 to July 28, 2016.






The “Theater of Always”: Main Venue of the 7th Biennial in Uruguay

As of June 18th, 2016 Teatro Solís—the 160 year-old theater—is presenting an anniversary show in its PhotoGallery: A graphic retrospective of the patrimony of all Uruguayans.

teatro solís

Inaugurated in 1856, this stately landmark has treasured the artistic and cultural life of Montevideo, incorporating new forms and languages along the way, and developing audiences.

With the founding of its CIDDAE Center for Research, Documentation & Presentation of Scenic Arts, the Solís becomes an important asset in the field, with preservation, protection, and communication as important goals. However, it is important to remember that alongside theory, Teatro Solís has state-of-the-art technology, and offers a fantastic opportunity in the arts as well as quite an experience for the public.

In October 2017, the 7th WTA Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art will take place mainly at the Teatro Solís. Numerous other venues will participate during this event, but the Solís will house the main shows.

The Small Format Textile Art Salon as well as the Photography With Textile Theme Salon will take place at the Exposition Hall at Teatro Solís, and all works will approach the scenic/performing arts theme—contemplating theatre (puppets, circus, clown, street theatre, cabaret, recital, concert,) carnival and/or any endeavor related to those arts.

Also, due to the variety of expression mediums to which artists have access nowadays, the 7th WTA International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art looks to broaden the field of participation by proposing as a challenge, to venture into electronic mediums by way of an art video or “VideoArt,” making reference to textiles in any of its possibilities.

A Large Format competition will also be presented.


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7th International WTA Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art


Large Format Textile Art “Folding-Unfolding”

(Arte Textil de Gran Formato “Plegable-Desplegable”)

Maximum= 100 X 280 cm   |   Minimum= 50 X 150 cm

Maximum measurements for tridimensional work: 280 cm (height) x 100 cm (width) x 80 cm (depth), and minimum: 150 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth).

Maximum weight for works delivered in person: 20 Kilos.

Maximum weight for works sent by mail: 10 Kilos.

7th WTA International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art: DIVERSITY

WTA logoI’m honored to have been appointed Costa Rica Rep before World Textile Art( WTA), and I can also answer questions if you have any.

7th WTA International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art: “DIVERSITY” Uruguay 2017.

Note: At biennial level, the last two exhibitions are pioneers.

Small Format:

Large Format:

Textile Photography:

Textile VideoArt:

8th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial, Krosno 2014

Krosno 6El diablo detail 2Poland, August 22, 2014 to the end of 2015 – Krosno Museum of Crafts

It is a great honor to receive a Jury nomination in this Linen Biennial competition, alongside very creative and talented artists from highly textile countries.

The show will also be presented throughout Poland, including its participation within the Biennial of Small Woven Forms. It will also travel to Slovakia and Hungary until the end of 2015.

El diablo“. Hand embroidery, paper appliqué, and quilting. 54 X 40 cm. 2014

Silvia Piza-Tandlich. El Diablo. 54 X 40 cm

Silvia Piza-Tandlich. El Diablo. 54 X 40 cm

Linen was brought to Costa Rica during the Spanish conquista, and as a child it was very common to watch Mother embroider her tablecloths and napkins. She would give me remnants to entertain myself while she embroidered, and I fantasised by making dolls and puppets—one of which was the devil (“El diablo”), a mask used in the Boruka indigenous culture—all out of imported linen. Thus, the present artwork represents my childhood memories as well as the mestizo tradition still in existence: “El diablo”, which in my case is made with unfinished linen napkins from 55 years ago.

Krosno 1Krosno 2Krosno 3  

Krosno 4
Krosno 5
Krosno Grand Prix 2014

Krosno Grand Prix 2014 


—Silvia Piza-Tandlich